Let's get started

New members welcome

Come along and give BMX a go. 

You get a session or two for free, before you decide wether you want to join our club...so why not give it a try!

Memberships to Christchurch City BMX Club start at $110 and include your BMXNZ race licence too, discounts are given for second and third family members.

We can offer you

Family fun, friendship and fitness.

Excellent track and facilities for progression as riders develop speed and skills.

Coaching for Kiwi Sprockets (age up to 7 years), Junior (8 years and above) and Senior (16 years+) riders.

Competitive subscriptions for your summer sport.

Clothing for hire and full face helmets to borrow for newcomers (Sorry no bikes for hire).

Spectator friendly environment - see the action from anywhere around the track.

No limitation on starting age - if your child can ride a bike we will get them racing and having fun.

What happens at Club Training Nights?

Everyone is put into ability groups, so if you are just starting out, you will be placed in a group with others who are also trying out the sport or of a similar age and ability as you.

Up to eight can compete at one time in a race, so remember to bring friends with you.

Trainings last approximately one hour. 

Occasionally, training nights will become a club race night...and a chance to compete and show-off what you've been learning.

Who can race?

Anyone can race, no age restrictions - if you can ride, you can race.

What will I need?

To begin with, you won't need a whole lot of equipment. 

Basically you'll need a BMX bike which is mechanically sound and safety pads on the bike are a good idea. Make sure all the bolts are tight, as well as your chain. It's recommended to have the seat put right down low, and out of the way. Also check your grips and make sure that the handle bar ends are covered.

What should I wear?

Just come prepared with a long sleeve top and full length trousers. Bring your fullface helmet and wear shoes that have a soft sole. The club also has a limited number of full face helmets available for use at training on a 'first in, first served' basis each week. These helmets must not be removed from the track. Don't forget to wear socks that cover your ankles. Full finger gloves must be worn.

*Note: All skin must be covered. 

Memberships with Christchurch City BMX Club starts at $110 (this also includes your BMXNZ race licence).

You can register online now!  

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Christchurch City BMX Club would be delighted to help you with any enquiries involving membership. Please feel free to call our Membership Officer, Chris Taylor, on 027 408 8088, or flick us an email.

[email protected]

See our Contact page for more details.